Voice from MISAWA

Our commitment to the injection needle product, and to quality and technical expertise – we have much to tell. Our company's is an integrated OEM company of injection needles with a history extending over the past 50 years. Our wealth lies in our accumulated technology and our skilled manufacturing staff. Our commitment to the injection needle product, and to quality and technical expertise – we have much to tell. It is our sincere desire to be known throughout the world by those involved in the business of manufacture and sale of syringes, and to be able to make at least a small contribution to their operations.


The Voice of a Sales Representative

An OEM company producing injection needles with integrated manufacturing system for various applications.

Our company's is one of the few OEM company in the world with a comprehensive production line engaged in integrated production of injection needles. We believe that we can use this manufacturing flexibly to the advantage of our customers to provide a wide range of superior manufacturing technology.
For example, we are able to accommodate customers wanting only cannulas, or customers wanting to use only our assembly process. Few companies have this flexibility – a very attractive service for international customers selling and manufacturing injection needles. Furthermore, our Development Department is able to develop products to suit customer requirements. Although injection needle specifications are listed in terms of standard sizes, we are eager to participate in development of new products for special orders products designed around the requirements of medical personnel.


A Voice From the Quality Inspection Department

Our company's needles are checked for low penetration resistance in the final inspection,

My work involves sampling inspection of products assembled in the final process. Some types of needle inspection, such as testing of the strength of the adhesion between needle and hub, employ a silicone material adjusted to represent the ‘hardness’ of human skin in testing penetration resistance. Our goal since the founding of the Company has always been the manufacture of a ‘needle that feels no pain’, and our inspections are aimed at verifying that finished needles are suitable as ‘Our company's needles’ with minimal penetration resistance. Only injection needles passing inspection are delivered to our customers all around the world. We have high confidence in MISAWA needles characterized by sharp tips and our unique coating technology. Misawa Medical Industry considers inspection as a matter of extreme importance.


A Voice From the Production Control Department

We provide a variety of accumulated manufacturing technologies to suit customer requirements.

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to produce multiple products simultaneously. For example, a bulk order for injection needles involves simultaneous processes of shipping paste‐needle and cannulas, and ordering of cut tube, etc., that require a variety of processes all operated simultaneously at the production site. Products ordered by our customers differ considerably. The attraction of Our company is our ability to deliver products meeting expectations by providing customers with the wide range of manufacturing technologies we have accumulated over the years. Currently, we are actively working to improve the efficiency of our production lines. We strive to be a more attractive enterprise by making a wide variety of products move more efficiently on simultaneous production lines.


A Voice from the Production Site

The merit of integrated production in-house is that we are able to confirm delivery times and quality at a higher level.

The merit of our company's integrated production is that all operations can be managed in-house, and thus confirmation can be issued at a higher level. Quality can be checked readily at a higher level if manufacturing is carried out in-house, preventing lost time in waiting for delivery of products from other sources. In practice, when receiving excess orders in the production process, there are many cases in which process managers on-site are able to make adjustments to facilitate operations. In such cases, production in-house allows us to respond as a company unit. Furthermore, comparison of the potential and cost of products in terms of quality and technological expertise has brought a high evaluation from customers. The merits of in-house production in terms of cost are therefore returned to the customer.