To minimize the pain

An OEM Specialist in Injection Needles

We supplies not only finished products, but also materials, products, and services created in a variety of manufacturing processes as required.
* Injection Needle Components (Cannulas, Hubs and Caps)
* Plastic Products(Syringes)
* Stainless Steel Pipe (Stainless Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel Cut Tube)
* Services (Assembly Service, Sterilizing Service)

OEM Specialist

Cannula Processing Specialists

With our manufacturing process specialized for cannulas, we create designs using flexible thinking based on our customers’ needs in order to offer high-quality cannula products with advanced manufacturing technology.
* In-House Developed Equipment
* Flexible Production System
* Creation of New Value
* Made to Order

OEM Specialist

Manufactured to Very Competitive International Standards

Injection needles manufactured with sharp tips and our unique coating process have received high praise from international customers for their low penetration resistance and minimal pain. Sold in 80 countries.
* Hospital Field (Hypodermic Injection Needles)
* Dental Field (Anesthetic Applications, Washing Needles, Resin Filling Needles)
* Aesthetic Field (Aesthetic Needles)
* Ophthalmology Field (Washing Needles)

OEM Product

Products for Veterinarians

The tubes for bovine transplantation of fertilized ovum and intrauterine injection catheters for use with animals shown here are products developed from our company's  superior stainless steel thin tube manufacturing technology.
* Tube for bovine transplantation of fertilized ovum MO1
* Catheter for implantation of fertilized ovum in animals MO4/Animal insemination catheter MO4-AI
* Intrauterine injection catheter for use with animals MO5
* Sterilized Ovum Harvesting Tube

Products for Veterinarians