Nowadays, we, Misawa Medical Industry Co., Ltd., produce more than 100 million needles each month, and supply to more than 80 countries throughout the world. We have continued producing such essential products for medical activities almost 40 years. And our target has always been and is still to produce “Painless Needles.” “Painless Needles": this means to stand on the side of patients, making their sufferings smallest.
To achieve this target: we need accumulation of technological developments, sincerity in daily production activities, and a conscientious attitude towards better quality. As a result, our needles are reaching more than 80 countries, and we are very proud of that. And now, on the basis of the accumulated high technologies and sincere production system, we are dedicating ourselves to the developments of new medical products. By doing so, we will continue contributing more to the medical world, and this is our mission for the future.