1954-Started manufacturing of glass bottles in Tokyo by the founder Mr. Tojiro Misawa.

1956-Started manufacturing plastic containers by blow-molding.

1963-Developed the plastic case for injection needles by injection-molding (Obtained patent).

1964-Altered MISAWA´S organization and incorporated with capital of 2 million Yen: MISAWA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

1965-Developed needles for single use production.

1966-Started export of needles for single use to West Germany then to other countries.

1967-Started manufacturing of syringes for single use at expanded plant at Minamihara.

1972-Started manufacturing of cannulas at Asahidai plant. And company renamed as “ MISAWA MEDICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. ”

1975-Started manufacturing of stainless tube for needles at Asahidai plant.

1981-Established clean room plant for needle manufacturing at Minamihara.

1982-Separated and strengthened Inspection Department for quality control. Semi-automatic plant of injection molding established at Asahidai plant.

1984-Added clean room plant for syringe in Asahidai. Started sterilization test in newly added laboratory of Quality Control Department.

1986-Completed Head Office Building in Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

1987-Added new plant at Iwaki, for cannula grinding and tube making.

1988-New plant for needle assembly established in Iwaki .

1990-New plant was added at Asahidai, for cannula grinding.

1994-Established a joint venture SHANGHAI MISAWA MEDICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., in Shanghai, China.

1998-ISO 9001 certified and CE Mark approved.

2000-Opened an office, MISAWA MEDICAL LTDA in São Paulo, Brazil

2004-ISO 13485:2003 for medical devices certified.

2012-General affairs and sales departments moved to Asahidai Plant in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture along with the head office.

2012-Mr. Hidetoshi Misawa took over from Mr. Katsuhito Misawa as president.

2012-Established the Tokyo sales office in Hongo, Tokyo.